ICP-250 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is an "Ionic UV Plasma Air Purifier"?
Ionic refers to the process of negative ion release. The electrostatic negatively charged steel plates collect dust and other pollutants. UV refers to the 15W Ultraviolet Germicidal lamp located at the front of the unit. Plasma is highly ionized matter interacting with light (in this case with the Ultraviolet Light).
What impurities does this Air Purifier remove from indoor air?
The ICP-250 can cover a floor space area of 900 ft.² (or 85 m²). Enough coverage for more than a large living room (based on an 8' (2.5m) ceiling height).
Q: What is the size of the unit?
The ICP-250 does not occupy that much space. The unit is 31" (80cm) tall. It is less than 7" (17cm) wide and only 9" (23cm) deep. Excellent to place beside a coffee table, plants or a couch. The unit will not take up much room and because of its adequate height, easy to reach the controls less than an arms length sitting on a reclining chair or if you were at computer desk.
Q: How do you clean the collection plates?
Just slide the collection blades up and out of the unit housing then wash with a damp cloth. That's it. NO Filters to replace.
Q: What area of floor space does this unit clean?
The ICP-250 kills infectious microorganisms and small airborne viruses, traps dust and mites, eliminates smoke particles/odors, food/kitchen odors, pet dander/odors, pollen, various other allergens, mold and fungi spores and outdoor air pollution that makes its way inside the home or into any enclosed space. Very effective for asthma sufferers or those affected by seasonal allergies.
Q: How does this unit effectively clean indoor air without the aide of a motorized fan?
Positively charged electrostatic energy is built up inside the unit which draws surrounding air toward the stainless steel collection blades.
NO loud fan noise and NO broken or clogged fan motor to replace or clean. Fan driven units also consume far more energy leading to greater expense for residents. top
Q: What are negative ions?
Negative Ions(also knows as Anions) result from an atom containing more electrons than protons. The ICP-250 uses high voltage ionizing wires to create a corona discharge, when an atom gains an electron and becomes negatively charged. This process releases abundant quantities of negative ions into the air (otherwise referred to as an Ion Shower).
Quickly after release, the negative ion cannot survive in this form and then seeks out a positively charged molecule (contaminant) to re-attach to. The Negative Ion bonds to these floating molecules, dropping them to the ground and taking them out of indoor space airflow circulation. top
Q: What are the benefits to humans from higher amounts of negative ions released inside?
Many scientific and medical research studies have concluded that a surplus of negative ions in the air result in higher levels of serotonin (a.k.a. 'the mood chemical') is produced in the brain, enhancing ones overall feeling and mood. In addition, these studies also pointed to increased levels of cognitive ability, decreased irritability and elevated energy levels, among other beneficial effects. Of course, there are varying results from person to person.

Indoor air typically has high levels of positive ions but low levels of negative ions. Home electronics, synthetically produced materials and the climate control process (heating and air conditioning) all contribute to higher levels of positive ions found in indoor air. In natural environments, negative ions are found in highest concentrations outdoors such as near waterfalls, ocean crashing into rocks or just after a thunderstorm has passed and to lesser degree in fresh country air with low pollution counts. top
Q: What settings are on the control panel and LED display? What are their functions?
The control panel (located on top of unit) has brightly lit LED lights to adjust for three speed settings, turbo setting and to turn the UV lamp on/off. Above the base of the unit, there are three additional status indicator LED's:

SHORT - malfunctioning internal circuitry (service required)
BREAK - power supply interruption (servicing may be required - check power source)
CLEAN - goes off every 120 continuous hours of operation to remind one that the collection blades should be checked (NOTE: You can check the blades for dust and contaminants as frequently as you wish).

In conjunction with the status indicator LED that blinks, an audible beep will also go off for a period of one minute to alert someone in another area of the home. top
Q: How does the UV light sterilize the air?
The Ultraviolet light uses a UVC spectrum to concentrate its wavelength at a short range to destroy very small bacterial viruses and mircoorganisms and take them out of circulation. So as the air passes over the UV light, the sterilization process occurs. In addition, the UVC light also contributes to further ionization of the air (explained above - refer to Negative Ions). top
Q: How many hours does the UV tube last and where can I get a replacement?
On average, about 8,000 hours of continuous use or almost one year. The replacement bulbs are made by Philips (amongst other lamp manufacturers).
Part no.: Philips TUV15W G15T8. They are inexpensive and easy to replace and retail for between $15.00-$20.00 per bulb. We carry lamps in a protective tube they can be purchased here. top
Q: Any ongoing maintenance tips I should know about?
1) Clean the blades as frequently as you have to. Dirty blades will decrease the units purifying performance. You can also wash the detachable grill cover. When washing the blades, use a slightly damp cloth, warm water (use very little water) and mild detergent. DO NOT use running tap water or soak the blades in water. DO NOT use an abrasive cleaning tool or you will scratch or etch the stainless steel blade surface. Wait until the blades are completely dry before placing the blades back into the unit housing.

2) If you hear excessive buzzing noise, unplug the and flip the unit gently upside down about 10 times, each time tilting it on a different angle. This will allow the cleaning balls to slide along the ionizing wires, freeing them of accumulated dust which should reduce the "buzzing" or "crackling" noises you might hear when the wires are dirty.

3) Every 120 hours of continuous operation you will hear the audible beep and the "clean" LED will blink orange (as opposed to normal blue color). This function only serves as a reminder to clean the unit, nothing else. Check the blades to see if cleaning required. When you remove the blades, the audible beep will stop. Be sure to unplug the unit before removing the blades. Re-start the unit and the clean light will return to its normal status.

4) DO NOT force the blades upward out of the unit housing, without first depressing the spring tab on the underside of the top of the blade. DO NOT pull out the blades out of the unit housing quickly or with unnecessary force. Remove them slowly.

5) Periodically use a dust cloth to clean the exterior surface of the unit. DO NOT attempt to clean the interior components of the unit. You can remove the detachable grill on the air intake and wash. Be sure that it is completely dry before re-installing.

Q: How does the ICP-250 compare with competitor units, both in terms of features and cost?
There only a few tower type Air Purifiers currently on the market, but compared with the ICP-250 they offer few features built in. Some only have an oscillating fan and are just ionizers. One well known competitor has the collection blades and a UV light, but costs up to twice as much as the ICP-250.
Purifiers that use HEPA filters are disadvantaged by the ongoing costly filter replacements (some of them cost hundreds of dollars per year!) in addition to consuming far greater amounts of power, adding even more to your utility bills.
After comparing, you will find that in this price range, with as many features, no other air purifier can compare in the functionality, purification ability and style that the Purifion ICP-250 can offer. top
Q: What sort of warranty do I receive on Purchase?
A three-year warranty on parts and labor, with a NEW replacement unit given to the purchaser, provided it was not damaged by misuse. Warranty only applies to units purchase through the website. top
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